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Firstly I’d like to apologise for not properly updating this blog in the way which I intended, however with my university studies, I have been required to make another blog, showing the significance on online media and building a reputation via free online mediums, in the ever evolving world of photojournalism. For the subject of the blog, I chose to look at the aviation niche, as it is my main focus photographically a lot of the time, as well as it being an interest for me away from my studies.

On my new site, James Hancock Aviation, I am showcasing some of the portfolio of aviation photographic work which I have built up, and it would be much appreciated if anyone viewing this site could follow and take a look at my new blog, as it would really help me out in improving my photographic, as well as my journalistic skills.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at this, I hope you like what you see.


James Hancock.

James Hancock Aviation – What do I think? What do you think?

Here are my thoughts on my James Hancock Aviation blog, which I am more active on and how I think my work has done, and any feedback would be massively appreciated!

James Hancock Aviation

Looking back on when I started this blog back in March, it’s strange to see how different posts I have made have had different response, whether that be in views or likes, and also the array of people from different nations, who have viewed my blog. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when starting this as a project for my university course, I didn’t really know if there was an audience which I could produce content for, or how it would be received by anyone who did come across it. I also thought that maintaining the blog would be a thankless task, though, having recently passed 100 posts, once I got in to a rhythm I found it to be rather rewarding, learning a mass of things on the aircraft I’ve covered, research techniques, writing styles and incorporating my personal photographic work.

Having now reached the end of my…

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My Sun ‘n Fun Experience

Another piece from my aviation blog is my review of my visit to Sun ‘n Fun in April 2014, which I attended with the RAF Air Cadets.

James Hancock Aviation

Today (26th March 2015) marks a full year from the day I departed to attend the Sun ‘n Fun fly-in in Lakeland, Florida, USA. I was one of thirty air cadets from London and South East Region ATC to be selected to travel across the Atlantic, to one of the world’s largest aviation events. The opportunity was a great one and I have taken many things forward from it, including having work published in General Aviation News’, ‘Sun ‘n Fun today’, a relationship I am to continue over time. But this wasn’t the main thing I took from the whole experience, the main thing that sticks in my mind is how different the event was to anything held in the UK on so many different levels, all of which I look forward to experiencing again in the future.

More mass balloon departure - Sun n Fun 2014

The Saturday morning mass balloon launch attracted huge numbers of early…

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USS Theodore Roosevelt visits HMNB Portsmouth 22/03/2015 – 27/03/2015

Check out my review from the visit the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to Stokes Bay, in late March 2015

James Hancock Aviation

The last week saw the anchoring of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in Stokes Bay, Portsmouth, UK, on the vessel’s first stop of it’s world deployment. The Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier was positioned outside the HMNB Portsmouth, due to the width of the ship and depth of the port making it impossible to enter the single entrance and exit port. The ship was accompanied by Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, USS Winston S. Churchill, which will continue on deployment with USS Theodore Roosevelt until it reaches it’s final destination of San Diego, California, USA, which will become the new home-port of the aircraft carrier, after it stops in the Mediterranean, Middle East and later Japan, before reaching the west coast of America.

The carrier stopping in the UK ends the wait since the anchoring of the USS George H.W. Bush, CVN-77, in Portsmouth on its maiden deployment in May 2011…

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Introduction to me!

Hello all and welcome!

My name is James Hancock and I am a first year Photojournalism student in Southampton, and this is my blog relating to my interest in aviation. First and foremost this blog is for a university assessment, however, over time I hope for this blog to become a tool in which I can showcase, both my written and photographic work, on the topic of aviation, being shows or trips which I attend.

I hope people like what they see as content comes up and will happily respond to people if there are any questions.


An introduction


Welcome to my photography site which I have set up to share my view of various events and trips with you. My work is mainly based in the fields of aviation and motoring, being two interests I have followed from a young age, of which I have built up an extensive knowledge and passion to photograph relevant events. As well as this I enjoy travelling and taking pictures of those trips, be it abroad or from different places around the UK.

I hope that you enjoy looking through this site once I start getting regular content up and would love to hear feedback from anyone!